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These films show you step by step how to make ‘paper furniture’ from recycled newspaper and cardboard for assistive equipment for children with cerebral palsy, useful furniture and craft items at home, games and teaching aids at school or gift items to sell for income generation. 


The videos demonstrate the materials to use, how to prepare them and the engineering principles needed to make your furniture and other items strong and durable. They show you the basic tools you will need and how to use them, how to make flour and water paste glue and various finishing and decorating techniques. 

We will show you first how to make a simple booster seat for a child with cerebral palsy to demonstrate the range of basic techniques required. Once mastered, these principles will enable you to make a huge range of useful, decorative and saleable objects. We include pictures of some of the things we have made to inspire you especially as sales of such items helped to fund these videos.

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